We are dedicated to providing aggressive and ethical representation to individuals and businesses charged with criminal offenses. We handle only criminal defense matters.

We stay in close contact with our clients and return phone calls promptly during all stages of a matter. Effective legal representation includes counseling and advising our clients. And we take the time to discuss with our clients every detail of the process, answer questions, and evaluate options.

We believe that an exhaustive investigation by a quality investigator, or an analysis of evidence by a leading expert in a field, is often the difference between a verdict of not guilty versus guilty, a plea agreement that is favorable versus one that is unfavorable. We have at our disposal a trusted cadre of experts with whom we regularly consult and retain to assist in the investigation and preparation of matters as well as to testify at trial. Such experts include private investigators, forensic accountants, polygraphists, audio analysts, handwriting and document analysts, forensic DNA analysts, breath test (breathalyzer) chemists, physicians, medical examiners, and social workers.

We have successfully defended professionals from all walks of life. And we are familiar with the unique collateral consequences potentially faced by a professional in a criminal prosecution.

We also represent persons targeted for prosecution prior to the filing of formal charges in an effort to prevent such charges from being brought. We have represented a significant number of business executives charged with complicated "white collar" fraud crimes as well as numerous individuals charged with violent crimes.