Client Acknowledgements

"I contacted several well-known and experienced lawyers and only Mr. Paszynsky was able to achieve a dismissal of my case within a very short period, taking care of all major and minor aspects flawlessly. Sal offered to help in even matters related to immigration. I never felt like there was pressure in terms of lawyer time used. Sal was proactive in drafting the best plan of action, he was very prompt at responding and demonstrated experience in several other areas besides the core competency of criminal law."

"Thank you Mr. Paszynsky for your help in difficult times. You proved to be a thorough professional. I was wrongly accused of numerous crimes, and you believed in me, supported me, spoke for me in court, explained step by step the process of having a trial by jury. After several months when the trial took place, you performed excellently in that courtroom: you always came well prepared, with all the needed documentation that you obtained by researching. The jury acquitted me of all charges. Thank you Mr. Paszynsky for your excellent job that make me feel being proud of being represented by an attorney such as yourself."

"Attorney at Law, Sal Paszynsky, recently assisted me with a DWI charge. As a Wall Street investment banker, it was imperative that I had competent and committed representation. Sal proved very accessible and responsive from day one and ultimately got my case dismissed. He demonstrated a strong command of the relevant statutes and had a very good rapport with the opposing prosecution. His experience with the system, combined with his commanding knowledge of his specialty area, facilitated a great outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my professional colleagues and friends that find themselves in this unfortunate situation."

"I was introduced to Sal by another lawyer when I needed help after being arrested over a domestic dispute. I first met him shaking his hand in a courtroom through the small glass window. He had just had the lights turned back on and had a bailiff come get me out of the catacombs under City Hall before the MTA strike. Heck of a way to meet your lawyer. He handled that event with amazing professionalism, always being available to every question no matter how trifle. The result ended up being exactly how I needed it to turn out. Since then I have had the pleasure of having Sal help multiple friends of mine through various events that have needed his expertise usually at the last minute. He is always available. As a person he represents the values he protects. I recommend him anytime anything comes up whether a break-in to my brothers apartment, helping a friend through their own domestic event, and counsel for helping settle financial disputes. I take pride in having Sal as my attorney, and a friend. He's good at what he does and better at who he is."

"It was an extremely difficult time for me with the serious charges I was facing. I wasn't quite sure how I would handle any of it as it was my first time dealing with the legal system in this nature. Sal was not only committed to defending me vigorously but it also seemed very important to him to provide a sense of sincerity, ease and confidence that you wouldn't ordinarily expect. I didn't just feel like a defendant but a respected individual and that was important to me. I would recommend Sal without reservation."

"I received some pretty serious criminal charges, which put me in great personal and financial jeopardy. Due to Sal's knowledge of the law and procedure, his sterling reputation in the court, and my following his legal advice, all of the charges were dismissed after a probationary period. Six months later I was hired for a highly sought-after position at a corporate law firm, which never would have been possible had I not hired Sal to handle the case."

"I hired Sal Paszynsky after consulting and hiring two other lawyers. Neither of these lawyers seemed interested in fighting the case against me, or believed me when I said I was innocent. Sal gave me hope when I didn't have any. He was more than my lawyer, he was my friend, my confidante, and someone I trusted. Whenever I called, Sal made himself available to talk to me. Not only did he win a very difficult case, but even after my case was finished, Sal called to check in on me and helped me get my bail money back. My family and I will always be grateful for his help. I consider Sal a friend for life."

"Sal is terrific! I had an incident regarding an ex-girlfriend which ended in her filing an assault charge. After good advice, prep work and a court appearance, Sal was able to get the charges dropped and eventually expunged the incident from the records. I highly recommend using Sal's legal services because of his full understanding of the law and strong positive energy."

"When I was arrested I was given a Legal Aid Attorney who I felt was against me. I felt hopeless, depressed, and very anxious. Months later my family hired Mr. Paszynsky to help me in my situation. From the moment I met him in Riker's Island for an attorney-client visit, I knew there was something different about Mr. Paszynsky. He was very professional, prepared, confident and compassionate as well as empathetic, and most importantly he believed me. Instantly he worked to come up with a solution to the situation I was in. Mr. Paszynsky worked hard and diligently in court as well as out of court to ensure the end result would not be detrimental to my family and my future. He stood up to the prosecutors in a professional/aggressive manner to make sure I wouldn't have to suffer needlessly. He worked with a specialist (one of the best in the world) to bring out further evidence to the court in my defense. The end result to the situation was the best that Mr. Paszynsky delivered!! If it weren't for the advice and guidance that he gave me I would have still been behind bars and years of my life would have been spent in prison. I thank you Mr. Paszynsky for helping me, fighting for me, and working hard and diligently. Thanks to you I am home doing great and not behind bars. Sincerely and genuinely I truly thank you. I will never forget how you helped my family and me."

"Recently I was arrested and charged with assault in New York City. After months of frustration dealing with another attorney I found and hired Mr. Paszynsky and that was all I needed to do. Sal took care of my case in no time and all charges were dismissed. Hopefully I'll never need a criminal attorney again, but if I do, Sal is the guy."

"Salvatore Paszynsky provided me with superb legal representation during a very difficult and trying time in my life. His lightning quick response was professional, comforting and solution-oriented. Sal's well-thought-out defense of me was extremely clear and controlled and was exactly what I needed in my moment of distress. As I had never before been confronted with any legal issues or problems I was in need of complete guidance and comfort. I needed someone with confidence, knowledge and assertiveness to help see me through a legal process that was alien, scary and discomforting. Sal gave me exactly the kind of help I needed from A to Z. I was completely happy and satisfied with Sal's approach throughout my ordeal and even more satisfied with how things turned out in my favor. I therefore do not hesitate to recommend Sal to any of my friends in need of excellent, thorough legal representation and advice in New York City or State. Sal's effort was simply a job well done."

"Salvatore Paszynsky's professionalism and knowledge of legal issues is unequalled, yet aside from these capital qualities, Salvatore also possesses a genuine concern and respect for humanity and his individual clients well being and customized needs. This quality is, in my experience, rather unique when it comes to the legal profession. Salvatore is quite simply a prince of a man- elegant, refined, and sensitive simultaneously. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs assistance with an important legal issue."

"Sal's legal expertise is unparalleled. Whether it's case related, or I just need legal advice, I know that he is reliable. I feel confident to have him on my side."

"As anyone who has gone through the legal system knows, the courts can quickly become overwhelming. Salvatore Paszynsky offered experienced, insider's counsel and tireless work on my behalf. In a difficult case that presented opportunities for an easier end, he advised on tough choices that ultimately led to the best of possible outcomes. Aggressive when necessary and always realistic, it was good to have Mr. Paszynsky's counsel and defense."

"I have known Salvatore Paszynsky for a number of years. He represented my daughter and did a remarkable job. We were very pleased with his representation. He acted in a very professional manner and his ethics of the law were outstanding. I highly recommend him."

"Unlike my previous lawyer, Salvatore Paszynsky is an intelligent, relentless fighter who cares for you and stands up for your rights. His astute legal knowledge and skills, dedication, honest character, and personal attention he gives to you are some of the attributes that have impressed me immensely. Mr. Paszynsky has a way of putting you at ease and instilling confidence whenever anxiety erupts. He is undoubtedly the best lawyer I ever had and I wouldn't hesitate to call on him again if needed."

"I am a former client of Salvatore Paszynsky Esq. It is hard for me to memorialize in a few sentences the effort and client attention Mr. Paszynsky afforded me. Mr. Paszynsky was instrumental in achieving a dismissal in my criminal case. Upon my initial meeting with Mr. Paszynsky, he was attentive and knowledgeable on all aspects of the law. Beside my criminal case, I have used Mr. Paszynsky's legal services in all matters of my life. I have interviewed numerous attorneys through the years for various legal issues, and Mr. Paszynsky is the only attorney I have found who is fully knowledgeable on all aspects of the law. What distinguishes Mr. Paszynsky from other attorneys is the fact that he truly cares about his clients. Should you have any doubts or concerns on retaining Mr. Paszynsky, I implore you to take a mere twenty minutes to meet with him as I am sure you shall have the same positive experience as I have had."

"My experience with Salvatore Paszynsky was like none I have ever witnessed. Sal is more than an attorney; he becomes your friend and goes through the life experience with you. He is very professional and very humble. I recommend him to anyone that needs a great defense attorney. He has the roar of a lion with the care of a lamb. He will make sure that you are heard. He will get the job done."

"It started as the worst experience of my life. I was frightened and worried of the outcome as I have never being in a situation of this caliber. When I reached out to Sal he was there within no time and assured me he would do everything within his power to help me get through it. And that he did! His sharp knowledge of the law and quick actions got my through my situation with minimal repercussions. He was always there when I had a question and stood by my side through out the whole ordeal. I would recommend Sal with the greatest of confidence to anyone who ever needed this type of service. Who ever thought that one call would save my life. Thank you Sal!!"

"I would like to thank you very much for standing by my side during the most difficult time of my life. The allegations that were falsely set before me did bring challenges along with much stress and anxiety. Although, I must say that your professionalism and belief in me during the whole ordeal gave me great comfort and confidence. From start to finish of my case, you were there, every step of the way answering all of my questions and never wavering any of my concerns. I am since retired from NYC Department of Correction after working there for 20 years and I'm grateful to have had you as my attorney -- not only have I found you to be passionate about your line of work, you've proven to be an excellent attorney as well as a great person! I would highly recommend you to anyone requiring a defense attorney."

"After having a bad experience with another lawyer, I was glad that Sal Paszynsky stayed on top of things and got the job done. He will not mislead you and he will give you a very good understanding of what to expect."

"When another attorney advised us that the deal on the table was the best we would get, Sal fought and did not give up until a better outcome was achieved. He takes extra care in explaining the law to his clients and was always accessible. He makes you feel like you are his only client and cares about those he represents. I would highly recommend him, if you want someone who will do all he can to make sure you get the best representation possible."

"This is just a note to thank you personally for the way you handled my case. I am glad to say that I was very pleased with the outcome of the legal assistance you provided me. I mostly appreciated your honesty, seriousness, and punctuality. Your unique way to combine your experience with professionalism has made all the difference. Without the shadow of a doubt, I really feel that you are one of the most skillful attorneys on Wall Street. I will always keep you in mind and recommend you to anybody in need of an excellent defense attorney."

"It was my good fortune to have found attorney Salvatore Paszynsky. His guidance and professionalism gave me the needed support through a very difficult time. He walked me through what the next steps would be with the courts and what the expectations would be with the outcome of my case and the criminal charges. Sal was able to plea this criminal charge down to a traffic violation which carries no criminal record. This was most important to me as my job requires a squeaky clean record. Thank You Sal for so quickly resolving this issue for me with total professionalism and keeping my criminal free record intact."

"My husband and I live in Louisiana and when we got word that our son had been arrested in Manhattan, we were horrified. A City detective called us in the middle of the night saying he had been caught red-handed, waving a gun around at a busy intersection. We knew we had to hire an attorney but the plethora of web sites about New York law left us more confused than ever. Fortunately we stumbled across the web site of Sal Paszynsky. The concise information on his web site made it clear to us that our son was facing a mandatory sentence of 3 1/2 years. Not knowing where to turn, and without a reference, we took a chance on the guy with the helpful web site. We never regretted that decision. He knew the law. He knew the process. He knew that two recent murders of policemen had re-ignited fervor about gun laws. Thanks to Mr. Paszynsky handling our case correctly, our son got five years of probation to be served in Louisiana, rather than any jail time in New York. This episode in our lives is nearly over. We will breathe a little easier when it is behind us. Thank you, Sal Paszynsky. Without you every breath still would be a struggle."